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Hello Loves,

I do love getting away even if it's for one night. I find it just relaxes and refreshes my mind. Last weekend my family, boyfriend and I went to Oxford for a little get away. The reason why we went is for my dad to watch football but my incentive was going to visit Bicester Village Outlet- DESIGNER SHOPPING TIME!!

We left bright and early on the Saturday Morning so we could stop for some breakfast on the way. We had a classic fry up at a service station about halfway to Oxford- oh it was delicious by the way! We arrived in Oxford at about lunch time which gave us plenty of time to find our bearings and check in.

We was staying in the heart of Oxford itself in the Wadham College which is part of the University. The grounds themselves were amazing and had so much history to them. There was a couple of different sections to the college but we was staying in one of the rooms on the college sites. The rooms was not something you would expect; they were spacious and comfortable with all the amenities you would find in the hotel.

Oxford is an amazing city with so much to do. So if your looking for history, culture or just a spot of leisure then it has it all. Saturday evening was a kind of 'go with the flow' and we wasn't sure where to eat or drink. We found a cute pub to start with called the King's Arms which was full of character but with that classic touch. We decided to eat in Byron Burger for dinner which might I add say was INCREDIBLE. Obviously we went all out with nachos, chicken wings and a freakshake as well as the burger so we was STUFFED by the end.

Breakfast on the Sunday was delicious too. It consisted of a buffet breakfast in the 400 year old dining room which was something I've never experienced before. There was so much to choose from; cereal, pastries and of course a cooked breakfast.

Before we went home we stopped at my favourite place...Bicester Village- the designer outlet of dreams. Now I went in not 100% sure what I wanted but after browsing the shops I realised I wanted a Baby Pink Cross Body Bag. I looked in so many shops including Coach and Kate Spade but Ted Baker did me proud and I found the ONE. The most beautiful baby pink bag- The Amora Camera Bag in dusty pink. With the outlet being end of line a lot of things you find is not available on the websites or in stores but here is  a camera bag from Ted Baker which is as close as I could find to mine.

All in all it was such a well needed weekend away with my loved ones and it's something I will be doing more often. As for Oxford I will 100% be going back very soon!

Have you been to Oxford before? What do you recommend doing there?

Lots of love Chloe x 

Check out my last post | Homeware Wish List

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Homeware Wish List #1

Homeware Wish List

Hello loves,

I am really into doing wish lists lately whether it's fashion, beauty or home. Now I'm not moving out or anything but it's not a bad thing to wish right? I thought I would put together a Homeware wish list with some of the things I have been loving right now.

1. Fleur 2 Drawer Bedside Table
Bedside tables are such an essential in the bedroom in my opinion and this glass table from Next is perfect. This is such a unique piece and will work with any interior in the room adding that little modern touch too.

2. Sara Miller Flamingo Mug
I am a Flamingo fanatic so my house will be full of the print! This mug is super cute and I love the colours. It might be on the expensive side but this is a wish list right? There are lots of different patterns and design available in this mug too.

3. Coco Chanel Wall Art
I am such a fan of wall art especially designer inspired. This Coco Chanel inspired wall art and quote is something I like to say I live by. Oh and who doesn't love a No 5 Chanel bottle either. This is something I would defiantly hang in my bedroom or hallway when I get my own place.

4. Dunelm Teddy Bear Throw {Blush}This has got to be a must have in my house. Josh's cousin had one of these in her house and they have got to be one of the cosiest thing I've ever touch. I love the blush pink colour and think would work so well in any neutral home. This is perfect for having on the sofa for the colder evenings or having on the bed as a display piece.

5. Cortes Blossom Cocktail Chair
I love an accent chair and I feel like they work anywhere in the house. I would love to place this in my bedroom as a gorgeous little feature or maybe in the living room as a little chill out chair. I can see myself sitting in this chair with my laptop blogging away.

6. Anastasia Silver Leaner Mirror
A long mirror is an essential for a blogger especially if you want those full length outfits but haven't got a photographer on hand. I love this decorative leaner mirror and it adds a touch of elegance to the room. This can be placed in a bedroom or even a hallway for that perfect full length outfit picture. The things we do for the gram?!!

I hope this has given you some inspiration if your looking to buy a house or add some pieces into your home.

What's on your homeware wish list?

Lots of love Chloe x

Don't forget to check out my last post | Easter Gift Guide 2019

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Easter Gift Guide 2019

Hello Loves,

I wasn't sure whether to do this post because for some Easter isn't a massive celebration but for others it is. Whether that's religious or just making the most of the bank holiday weekend spending time with friends and family. I know for a lot of us it's an excuse to indulge in luxurious chocolate but for some of us chocolate either isn't an option or are just don't enjoy it. I thought I would put together a gift guide for Easter (I love doing these) so if you do gifts for the Easter Celebration then I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration.

1. Cadbury's Eggstravaganza:
I had to start the post off with chocolate. Easter for a lot of us is an excuse to indulge in chocolate and this chocolate selection is perfect for just that. It's full of lots of different packets of eggs including mini eggs, cream eggs and dairy milk chocolate eggs. It comes in a cute little gift box so no need for wrapping. This is the ideal gift for those who want a chocolaty treat!

2. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Beauty Easter Egg
I thought this was such a lovely alternative to chocolate for those who love their beauty whether it's your mum, girlfriend or sister whoever. Cherry Blossom is my favourite fragrance from the L'Occitane range and is perfect fro spring. The collection consists of a hand cream, shower gel and body lotion all in a cute little tin!

3. Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom
It seems like a bit of a theme...cherry blossom! It's such a gorgeous spring fragrance as is this candle. You can never go wrong with a candle especially a Yankee Candle. The packaging is beautiful and is such a lovely gift for anyone.

4. Thorntons Personalised Easter Egg
Thorntons has to be one of my favourite luxury chocolate brands but I have never tried their Easter Eggs before. The personalised ones are just a lovely little touch if you're buying chocolate for someone this Easter. The egg also comes with come classic Thorntons treats too!

5. John Lewis Chicken Tea Lights (Set of 4)
This can be a gift or just a cute decoration for the home. These chicken tea lights are such a lovely little touch for Easter. The tea lights are unscented so if you do have a scented candle burning then these can be used along side it.

6. Jellycat Baby Bunny Soft Toy
I thought it would be nice to include something for the little ones. I have a Goddaughter who is not even 1 yet so she can't really eat chocolate but this adorable little bunny would be the perfect alterative for Easter. It's a gift that doesn't break the bank either!

7. Hooray for Hoppy (Children's Book)
You can never go wrong with a children's book. This is such a lovely illustrated book for the younger ones who maybe aren't old enough or you know they are getting lots of chocolate from others. This is a gorgeous Easter fun book which introduces senses for the younger children.

What gifts do you get for Easter?

 Lots of love Chloe x 

Check out my last blog post | How To Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring 

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How to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring | #MiniSpringEdit2019

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Hello loves,

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year in terms of fashion and style but with new season trends comes a wardrobe clear out (or maybe a new wardrobe in my case). I thought I would share my tips and what I'm hoping to do to refresh my wardrobe for spring.

Have a Wardrobe Spring Clean:
This is the perfect way to create space in your wardrobe for the season's new pieces. I know I have so many clothes in my wardrobe which I bought on a whim and some I've worn about once. You need to be pretty ruthless with this one. I am the sort of person that will keep it 'just in case' when we all know I will never wear it again.

Keep the Essentials:
We all need the basics and essentials in our wardrobe as the base for any outfit. Keep a couple of pairs of jeans maybe a blue pair and a white pair. A few vests or bodysuits are perfect for layering or wearing underneath a blazer. I love t-shirts to tuck into a pair of jeans for a casual outfit with a pair of trainers or ballet pumps. Whatever your style is always have some essentials that you are going to wear everyday.

Accessories: Whether this is a handbag or a statement necklace, accessories are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe for spring. I am a very classic girl when it comes to jewellery and I usually where the same pieces everyday but that just goes with my style. I am quite minimal and classic when it comes to my style so I love jeans, t-shirt and a blazer. I had a massive clear out of my handbags just after Christmas but I do love a statement handbag. River Island is my go to when it comes to classic handbags.

The Classic Blazer
I am such a lover for a blazer especially when I am dressing an outfit up. No matter what the occasion is whether it's for work or an special occasion a blazer is the perfect finish touch for any outfit. I love wearing my especially with jeans, bodysuit and some heels. My go to blazer is from Missguided which is white (I know risky) with a lapel button detail which makes the garment so unique.

Sell your Clothes and Accessories:
This more ties into having a wardrobe clear out but selling your clothes and accessories can make you a little bit of extra money which you can use to spend on new pieces for this season. I am the worst for selling my clothes and I usually give them away to charity and I know that is a good thing but some of my more expensive dresses I could sell and make a bit of money from.

This is my last post as part of my #MiniSpringEdit2019. I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have writing them and hopefully it has given you some inspiration in getting ready for spring.

What are your tips to refresh your wardrobe for the new season?

Lots of love Chloe x

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